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When Will the Funds Appear in My Bank Account?
When Will the Funds Appear in My Bank Account?

Want to know when money will be available in your bank account? Learn details about payout timing and Stripe’s payout schedule.

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As you know, Rentberry uses Stripe for our payment feature. That’s why Stripe’s payout schedule is the main factor when it comes to the time it could take for money to appear in your bank account.

Depending on your country, it usually takes 2 to 3 business days to receive a payout to your account. For the US, the payout speed is two business days, while for Europe and Canada, it will take three business days.

For a detailed list of countries, check out the schedule on Stripe’s official website:

Please note that it might take you longer to receive your first payout. Typically, it takes seven days for a new account.

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