To invite your tenant to pay rent, you need to set up your payment account first. If you haven’t done it yet, learn how to set up your account here.

1. Go to and click the "Payments" button on the top menu.

2. Click on the "Add Payment" button.

3. Here, you’ll need to specify some details to start receiving rent from the tenant. Add your property address (that’s how it will be shown for you and your tenant) and some info about your tenant.

Also, specify the payment period — this is the amount of time you want this particular tenant to pay for your rental via Rentberry. Finally, add the monthly rent amount and a payment due date.

Double-check if all the information is correct and click the "Create & Invite Tenant" button.

Note: The invitation will be sent to the tenant’s email address you’ll provide in this form. Also, you can always resend the invite if something goes wrong and your tenant will not receive it.

4. Now, your property will appear in the active payments. As soon as your tenant pays rent through the Rentberry platform, you will see the transaction details under this property.

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