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How to Get Renters Insurance Quote on Rentberry?
How to Get Renters Insurance Quote on Rentberry?

Here you can find a detailed guide on how to get an insurance quote using our platform.

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  1. Sign up for the platform and make sure you are logged into your Tenant account.

  2. Select the "Insurance" option located at the upper right corner of the webpage.

  3. Fill in the details with your address and your personal information.

  4. Confirm if your mailing address is different from your property address.

  5. Choose the type of your rental property.

  6. Confirm if it's required in your lease agreement to obtain renters' insurance from all the tenants.

  7. Select if you had any losses in the past three years.

  8. Confirm if you have an animal that caused injuries in the past.

  9. At this step, you can add to your renters' insurance a second person, such as your roommate.

  10. Here you can agree to inform your landlord or property manager about your renters' insurance and its coverage.

  11. And, finally, choose the start date of your renters' insurance.

  12. Here's your renters' insurance quote calculated on your previous answers!

    You can change the amount of personal property coverage, liability coverage, etc. Note that your insurance quote will change depending on your choices.

  13. Make sure to check your property address, property coverage amount, start date, and billing details.

  14. Enter your payment details and complete your order. Now you can enjoy your peace of mind, as your rental and belongings will be protected against any unexpected damages!

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