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How to Pass Tenant Screening?
How to Pass Tenant Screening?

Got a screening request? Learn how to handle the credit report & background check, and seal the deal with your landlord after that.

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1. Go to your inbox and open the email with the landlord's request.

2. Click on the "Run Screening" button.

3. Click "Start Screening" to begin the process.

The whole background check and credit report generation process will cost you $39.99 and will include all the most important information your potential landlord might need.

You can pay for the tenant screening using a credit card.

Screening Process

1. Fill in your credit/debit card number and expiration date and click the "Pay Screening Fee" button.

2. Fill in your personal data, phone number, social security number, and address to proceed.
โ€‹Note: We don't store anything on our servers; the world-renowned companies, MicroBilt and Transunion, perform the screening process.

3. Click the "Run Screening" button to generate your reports and send them to your landlord.

Congratulations! Your landlord receives the reports instantly and will be able to review them right away, so stay in touch with him!


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