1. The listing should accurately display the rental.

2. Required fields:

  • Property name

  • Address

  • Property type

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Number of bathrooms

  • Property square footage

  • Monthly price

  • Security deposit

  • Property description

  • Date of property availability

3. The listings should not duplicate the information from another listing.

4. The property name should contain no more than 35 characters.

5. The description should contain from 140 to 1500 characters.

6. The following types of information are not permitted in the description field of your listing:

7. Each listing requires at least 3 photos of the property.

8. The minimum image size of the photo is 800x600 px.

9. The listings should not duplicate the images from another listing.

Please note: We will put the listing on hold if it does not contain the required information or violates our guidelines.


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