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Why Did I Not Get an Invitation to Pay Rent?
Why Did I Not Get an Invitation to Pay Rent?

Learn why an invitation from your landlord did not reach your email and how to fix it.

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Are you trying to understand why you haven't received an email to start paying rent through Rentberry?

These are the possible causes of the problem:

  • Wrong email or a typo in the email address;

  • You’ve turned off notifications via email from our platform;

  • You’ve unsubscribed from Rentberry’s emails.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Double-check the email you gave to your landlord;

  • Turn on notifications via email from Rentberry. You can see how to do that here;

  • If you’ve unsubscribed from our emails, contact our support, and we’ll add you back to our mailing list.

Please note: If you’ve unsubscribed from our mailing list, you will not be able to turn back on the option of receiving emails from Rentberry by yourself. Due to some technical intricacies, it can only be done manually by our support team.

However, we’re working on making this option available for users as soon as possible!

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Still need help? You can access our customer service chat in the bottom right corner of the screen or reach out to us via email: [email protected].

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