1. Go to Rentberry.com

2. Click on 'Collect Rent' button on the top menu. 

3. You will be directed to the rent collection page. Here you'll see all your payments. Our system allows you to track down any payment that has been sent to you ever. 

4. In case you didn't link your cryptocurrency wallet, you'll see the notice on the top of the screen. 

This means that you've received a payment from your tenant and you have 7 days to set up your crypto wallet and link it to the Rentberry platform. 

How to Set up a Crypto-Wallet

5. To link your crypto wallet that click on the 'Set Up Wallet' button.

6. Enter the wallet address and click on the 'Save Changes' button. After that, your payment will go through. All your next payments will be received to this wallet automatically further.

7. You can click on the transaction and review the details of each rental payment. 

This is it! As you can see, receiving rent payments in BERRY is easy and convenient. 

Encourage your tenants to pay rent on Rentberry and ensure the security of your money!


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